Young Hall 5060 & 5048 - UC Los Angeles Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Bioanalytical Instrumentation

Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

Enthalpy, Stoichiometry, Binding Constants, & Entropy of interacting aqueous systems

Quantitative PCR

2-channel optics, 96-well format; dye-based protein stability assay applications available

Surface Plasmon Resonance

Binding Constants & Interaction Analysis of aqueous molecules under controlled conditions

Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

Protein Secondary Structural Analysis & Stability Assays; Variable Temperature

Stopped-Flow Spectrometer

Full-Spectrum Ultra-Fast kinetic analysis under controlled conditions and reagent addition

Biolayer Interferometer

Biomolecular Interactions and binding kinetics; multiple binding surface chemistries available

Tecan M1000 Plate Reader

Full-Spectrum Single-Read & Kinetic Assays, Fluorescence, Absorbance, Luminescence, & Anisotropy


Full-Spectrum Single-Read & Kinetic Assays, Fluorescence, 90º Light Scattering, Luminescence, & Anisotropy

Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100

Sizing, quantification, and quality analysis of nucleic acids and proteins in a simple and automated system.

Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Sedimentation Velocity, Sedimentation Equilibria, & Diffusion up to ~260K x g