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Tecan M1000 Plate Reader


The Tecan Infinite M1000 Pro is a multi-wavelength automated plate-reader system. It is ideal for many types of light based high-throughput assays: from simple growth-curves to more complex luminescence and fluorescence experiments, both in single read and kinetic formats.  The system is equipped with an automated injector for uninterrupted kinetic assays, as well as Top and Bottom read modes to accommodate solution or cell and surface based assays.  The Tecan Quad4 Monochromator system finely tunes excitation and emission light to any wavelength without standard filters, from near-infrared to Ultraviolet.  This light system sacrifices a small degree of signal intensity to allow users complete control of the assay wavelengths as well as the bandwidth of the light produced and read.  All data is automatically exported into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, allowing for simple data processing without the requirement of specialty Tecan software.