Young Hall 5060 & 5048 - UC Los Angeles Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Facility Safety Information

The UCLA-DOE and Biochemistry Shared Instrumentation Core is committed to providing a safe space for all researchers to conduct their work. Like all core facilities, we have a unique issue in that our hazards are not static, but can change from day to day based on the work being performed by researchers within the facility. Specific safety issues and regulations may differ between instruments, room, and activities (as will be communicated during a training session); however, there are overall guidelines found below that are common throughout the facility and will help ensure the safe usage of the UCLA-DOE and Biochemistry Shared Instrumentation Core Facility for all researchers.

  • We require all users to be fully trained in appropriate safety procedures required for any UCLA research, as well as any hazard mitigation procedures specifically related to their work within the facility. This is generally carried out within a researcher’s primary lab, under the responsibilities of the Principle Investigator.
  • We require all users to be trained by facility management in the proper and safe usage of any facility instruments. Any usage of instruments without prior management training or approval is strictly forbidden.
  • All users are required to be appropriately attired in coordination with University policies and be wearing a lab-coat appropriate to the work being performed.
  • Users required to wear gloves as part of personal hazard mitigation are asked to wear those gloves as minimally as possible, and are not to touch any shared surfaces in the facility with gloves on (door handles, instrument surfaces, faucets, computers etc).
  • The facility provides very limited chemical and sample storage to users.  The facility does not provide any form of waste containment: all users must remove hazardous wastes for disposal in their primary research lab.
  • Certain specific safety requirements and regulations of our two major operating rooms are different as to provide the maximum workspace flexibility while maintaining segregated and safe environments (for example, all types of radioactivity are forbidden in Young Hall 5044, while certain types are allowable in Young Hall 5060).
  • The facility asks that you be an active participant in general safety through constant awareness that you are in a widely shared research space. It is important to be mindful that you may be exposed to hazards unrelated to your personal work, but more importantly, to be mindful of the hazards you may be creating for others. We also ask that any safety issues found within the facility itself, or created by other users, be communicated to facility management immediately.

Please inquire with facility management about any additional safety questions or concerns you have using the links on the top bar above.